Marcel & Solange

MARCEL ET SOLANGE invitent SAMUEL BLASER : Tomate et parapluie (TRICOT – 2015)

Gabriel LEMAIRESaxophones, Clarinets
Valentin CECCALDICello, Horizoncello
Florian SATCHEDrums
+ Samuel BLASERTrombone

« Only the Tricollectif’s lunar poetry could bring a couple with three heads to a threesome quartet. This is the adventure that we are seeing take place before our eyes and that spices up the life of Marcel et Solange, which speaks here with three voices : Marcel, Solange, and now Samuel. The Swiss trombonist, Samuel Blaser, meets the Orleans based trio for a piece of way, with liberty. The relation is freely agreed, and brings about new connections. The comedy that the group plays is called “Tomate et Parapluie”. It has no relation to vaudeville. Never was there a lover in the closet that nightshades or seed on the cover. After « Césarine » or « Ernestine », was seen on their first disc, Marcel et Solange show again a lot of original characters in landscapes that belong to them. If Samuel Blaser integrates so easily in Marcel et Solange’s small theater, it is not because all of them are enthusiasts part of a syncretism that resembles medieval music than at the watts’ hoarseness. The quartet uses spread climates and abrupt acceleration to better support an incredible sense of narrative, as Blaser in his own productions. With him, the climate moves without changes totaly ; this is a regeneration more than a metamorphosis. Alternately dog in skittles on the inaugural “Pépé” or intimate gatherer on the silence’s borders (“Petite Biche”), he never has to claim his place. It does naturally, like a puzzle whose the pieces would amalgamate when it is building…

All harmonize absolutely in this meeting. Marcel et Solange’s first disc was marked by dicovers’enthousiasm. Tomate et Parapluie is made with the jubilation from confirmations. Here is a disc who offers surprises at each listening ; the rare privilege of success.»
Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz



« The maturity ofMarcel and Solange rests in this faculty
which transcends tales without words in order to create
a disconcerting poem for the moment. One is captivated
by the high density of the words of this trio which
without a doubt, a thousand other stories are narrated to
us. One loses himself in the joy of this poetic universe. »
Franpi Barriaux, Citizen Jazz

« Huge shock and amazing deployment to Le Mans. The trio called Marcel & Solange. At the Fonderie, located in the city of Le Mans (Sarthe), Wednesday, May 8th, it’s an exciting discovery. Gabriel Lemaire, playing the saxophones and the clarinets, Valentin Ceccaldi, the cello, and Florian Satche, the drums, begin free, move in bossa evocation, past from rumble tension to dream melody, with a lot of ideas. »
Sylvain Siclier, Le Monde

« Marcel and Solange touch straight and strongly ! »
Philippe Méziat, Jazz Magazine